About us

After a long career in innovation, creativity and development in the paper industry, it seemed natural for me to show the creativity made from paper and cardboard.
This site is the result of my vocation. In other words, I love this art because it gives me intellectual oxygen. Mediums based paper are excellent to show in several dimensions the idea of the artists.
A space where in a short time you can find an extensive palette of art produced from wood fibre, paper or cardboard. “A new media providing a new method of expression.”
All artists working with paper, cardboard, cellulosic fibbres are welcome in "Pap Art Gallery"

An artwork combines:
- Original ideas, poetic, sensory, visual,
- Support to make this idea visible, understandable, durable: whether paper, solid board or cardboard
- Know-how and tools
- A balance between these elements
- "What we call" an art work is the result of an action whose goal is to eventually bring about the infinite development of someone else " Paul Valery (Extract from The Infinite Aesthetics)
It is is very important to support art based on wood fibre and paper as they are particularly inspiring and malleable, sublimating the ideas of artists and creating in the viewer infinite and unexpected developments.
This site does not forget either that in the industrial sector of cardboard: creativity is very important. We will therefore showcase the artistic creativity of all these men and women who contribute daily to the evolution and success of products based on cardboard.
Read also the "why this site" to understand the genesis of our idea.
Our aim is to highlight all the works based on paper and cardboard for the beauty of these works but also to enhance, enrich these exchanges, both artistic creativity and industrial.
Visiting the site and subscribing to newsletters is entirely free !