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Alain Guezennec portraitGuezennec Alain

was born in 1948 near Paris. He has spent his entire career in the corrugated cardboard industry in a sector leader. So very naturally when he had the opportunity to devote more time to his passion for artistic creation naturally he use paper and cardboard as part of his favourite materials.

Is their "experience" that calls him, the wounds of time, traces of usage, recycling waste. From an inert and poor material, his imagination leads to forms that may as well stay in the abstraction that come to life in evocations of animals or characters. It is the material to guide him, colour punctuates forms or support but not always, the evocative power of the raw material in the glow of the chaos that can often stand on its own.

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Collectives : 
2016 :
Bourges Palais d'Auron du 13 au 22 mai 2016

Paris Bastille : Marché de l'art contemporain du 28 avril au 2 mai 2016

2015 :
Bourges Palais d'Auron du 4 avril au dimanche 12 avril 2015
Espace Beaujon du 19 au 30 janvier 2015



« atelier porte ouverte » qui aura lieu au 5 bis rue Voltaire à Bourges, les
vendredi 27 novembre de 18 à 21h,
Samedi 28 novembre de 14 à 18 heures
Dimanche 29 novembre de 10 à 18 heures


Tags: CollagesSculptureOilsPainter, Sculptor,...Visual Artist, DesignerPaperCardboardCorrugated Cardboard
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