Suggest an artist or an artwork

Suggest an artist or an artwork:
A folder for each artist must be prepared and sent by email to the CONTACT address of this site, or by CD-ROM if the entire file is too heavy.

The candidate files should contain:
1 - Photo of the artist and a simplified Biography -
For artists currently work or have worked in the paper or cardboard industry, the following must be added: 
“Currently working for (company) ..... employed as ......”     or  
“Worked for (company) ...... employed as ......”
2 - Why have you used paper or cardboard in your work?
3 - For the Work considered major or representative of the production of the artist, a check list should be filled in completely (see below information on the form)
4 - In the gallery a minimum of 5 to 10 pictures of artworks should be submitted. For each work a form should be completed explaining the context of creation (see sample form below). These images should be representative of the work or palette of the artist.
5 - Supply a check list of planned exhibitions including galleries (covering one year from the publication date).
6 - Supply contact details : mailing address, phone, website, Email, to join the artist quickly.
7 - Dimensions of photos should be: 1280 x 800 pixels with 300 dpi ideally

Information to be given on the form for each work:
Artist: Name, Stage Name:
Postal code, City, Country:
Work References :
Work title :
Technique and material used:
Date of creation:
Actual Owner of the work:
Artwork dimensions:
Copyright: YES / NO
Context of creation, where did the inspiration come from and why: (400 words maximum for the main work, 100 words maximum for other works)



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