Why to show yours works on Pap Art Gallery

The twelve reasons why you should present your artwork on Pap Art Gallery:

1. Showcase your work on a site featuring all the artists, using materials based on paper or corrugated cardboard.
2. Being found or re found easily on the web through the inputs : paper, solid board, corrugated board,
3. Use this new way to promote your creations with professional and targeted visitors.
4. Increase your contacts and sales.
5. Find inspiration and support the evolution of this art through all the possibilities of the material presented on the site
6. Give more value to your art work by your presence on this site that gathers around the cardboard and paper the majority of current and prominent modern art. As an exhibition that gives credibility to the material and to the artists.
7. Give maximum exposure to your work : Buyers can find your work through using a number of criteria to search within the website
8 - Blog: A discussion with your patrons, admirers, supporters and Customers:  
A Blog will be installed for each major work and will allow you to see the number of hits you get for each piece you contribute.
9 - International coverage for the site.
Each day art lovers from all five continents can visit our site. 
To promote your work, your presence on PAG could be a springboard to fame. 
Professional buyers are more likely to visit a site dedicated to this type of support
Multiply the opportunities for contact with your audience.
10 - Advertise your events, exhibitions, lectures, courses. 
Present your bibliography if you are an author of books
11 - Multiply the opportunities of Internet referencing.
The site is supported by a team which ensures a continuous evolution and optimization of screening techniques. 
The key words and description details for your pieces will help to ensure “Search engines” find your work more easily.
12 - Accessibility.
Pap Art Gallery is designed for maximum accessibility including mobile phones, PDA, iPhone, TV, thereby increasing the number of potential visitors to your space.
As the action of copying and pasting the mouse is disabled your pictures are better protected against copying. 
You can put a discrete copyright on the photographs of your works.
An “anti-spam” system protects you against spammers. 
Your email address is never displayed. Users can contact you through secure contact forms through the site.
A scalable and user-friendly site.
This site will evolve continuously in order give you more visibility.