Why this site ?

Artwork or installations paper or corrugated made ? What a wonderful idea!!

Illustrious artists have used this medium over the years.  Remember the famous Blue collages by Matisse ?

Contemporary artists use paper, cardboard, and even cellulose fiber to highlight a particular aspect of their art, their subject matter, or to explore new avenues by using the intrinsic properties of these materials. Paper and cardboard are used for their color, plasticity, touch, flexibility, appearance, sensuality, or rigidity, ... Some artists use these materials in addition to more traditional media. Others use these materials by themselves or for the three-dimensional or architectural possibilities than other materials do not offer. They paint them, bend them, cut them, glue them, grind them, sculpt them .......

As a portal or a virtual gallery, this site offers the possibility to:
- Zoom into a common and shared space, giving a true and realistic idea of the contemporary production of artworks based on paper or cardboard, and providing a global view.
- Bring together the largest possible number of  art works, which meet the prerequisites of the site, as well as establishing a constructive dialogue between the various works and techniques.
- Present art works: unique objects or limited editions, in which the role of the support (material or constitutive) of the work is identified as being an active part of the art work objectives, 

Welcome as many artists as possible to a space highlighting their creations and give them the possibility to communicate with interested visitors,
Facilitate to the visitors a quick search of artworks using paper and cardboard as their medium or material, 

Invite visitors (artists, art professionals, manufacturers, collectors, sponsors) to discover new forms of art and new artists, to enrich their idea base, to stimulate their imagination and creativity, to experience something new,   

Highlight paper and paperboard, and all their possibilities in contemporary art, 

Create exchanges between artists and visitors thanks to a blog link in the presentation of each artist (Bio).

Paper and cardboard are sensory media. They appear to stimulate, arouse among creators (artists or industrial) all their senses. They are a source of freedom for artists.
 Yet the on going presence of these materials in our day to day visual field diminishes their value.
 The contrast between a common material - recyclable, utilitarian, with a limited life span - and works of art made of the same material - in principle sustainable, unique, beautiful, intellectual - creates a disturbance in the mind of artist and viewer. This disruption deconstructs and challenges preconceived notions. Thanks to this disruption, the use of paper or paperboard opens the mind to perceive new experiences, new art forms, new ways of expression, new dimensions, new degrees of freedom.
Beyond the art of provocation, art is a whole set of elements which combine:
- An idea,
- A support material, which makes it understandable, apprehensible,
- An aesthetic balance, which attracts, which forces questions.
Paper and cardboard have their place in the contemporary art world.


This site is also connected to the world of packaging using paper and cardboard.

Coming from this world, I have always thought there was a surprising parallel between the artistic open-mindedness of designers and their ability to innovate. In their daily activity these people create packaging solutions ever more innovative and efficient. The most amazing thing is that it is often those who are most open to artistic activities who are the most creative industrially.  
Visits to this site will help nourish, enrich, feed the “idea box”, the imagination, open the range of possibilities to all creators and artists