Nome scheda di Cognome, Nomes che inizia per 'O'

Cardboard Sculptures & crafts to touch and interact with.
Kraft paper is painted and folded, twisted, flattened, pasted, and at the end braided.
+ info in Paper Art Gallery: Odon
Cardboard objects and sculptures inspirated by mangas and movies.
Digital Papercut Illustrations minimal and
well-advised, working closely with forms of shapes, lights
 and shadows.
Website: ploom tv
Cardboard Sci-fi Sculptures : Robots and others Steampunks objects, architecture and mechanical shapes.
Website: Gregolijnyk
Hyper-realistic hand-crafted paper objects for photographic and animated advertising campaigns.
Website: ollanski com
Cast Cardboard Sculptures, using strips of cardboard incinerated to melt bronze.
Transforming worn pages of altered books into sculptures, creating her own fairy tale-inspired stories by drawing, painting, and cutting mysterious landscapes.
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Eric Standley

Eric Standley

Eric STANDLEY è professore associato al Virginia Tech School colleggio di Architettura e Urbanistica . Il suo lavoro è stupefacente. I suoi disegni sono reali ...

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Isabeau d Abzac

Isabeau d Abzac

Isabeau d’Abzac, la giornalista Chantal Lyard, fa dire a Isabeau .. "Le mie signore di carta non ballano, camminano. Se sono sempre più belle, è perché credono ...

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Quando la carta fa successo

Quando la carta fa successo

Quand le Papier fait un Carton Quando la carta fà successo Mostra dal 17/11 al 12/12/15 a Espace Art et Liberté a Charenton (Citta presso Parigi) Dal Martedì  ...

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