v Appena dopo il tramonto

Work title : Appena dopo il tramonte

Kòsmos, the Greek word, means both world and ornament, to suggest the beauty of all things and the excitement in contemplating them.
The infinite forms of the world: oceans, flowers, animals, geometric shapes ...

I would like to encompass in each painting a unique, unrepeatable moment of the ongoing transformation of these forms, at the same time pure and magnificent.

The corrugated material, which seems simple and poor, suggests to me new, original shapes and structures through its hidden wealth of forms and textures.
By meddling with its regular, geometric nature I create concave and convex constructions, with three-dimensional effects that extend beyond the flat surface of the painting, so that through the chaos of playful metamorphoses a new harmony is reached. Paper corugated board and enamel.

Artiste : Raffaella Zavalloni
Ville, Pays : Cesena (FC) Italy

Copyright Raffaella Zavalloni
Website : www.raffaellazavalloni.it

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