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Claudine Ruelle
Portrait claudine ruellePainter and visual artist, working in his studio in the north of France. Long time she taught.
She is an artist with a tormented temperament and playful although his works to the subtle alchemy rather inspire calm and serenity.
His work invites us to travel inside and outside.
In a first period she painted in the euphoria of an artist group called "Perspective" and his works become more introspective and is returned to a more solitary studio work.

Following a long stay in the Drôme she began painting on cardboard transposing and sublimating reality by particular viewpoints.
The light played oddly on this support and in one first times it does not authorize him self to exhibit his works?
But the paper and the corrugated board are essential to her becoming his favorite medium. Inspired by burning over, she rips the contours, the phrase, the lacerating, pumice and painted to reveal the depth, roughness, softness ... This craftsmanship enables it to enhance a third dimension in his works.
His achievements with a special metaphysical questioning us, and dexterity of the artist does the rest in our intérieur.

Atelier : 2, rue des fonds  
 7387 Honnelles / Belgique
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Tél : +32(0)497 93 12 44

Depuis 2010
2010 : Parcours d'artiste à Saint Gilles
2011 : Plastikart à Saint Ghislain avec le sculpteur Daniel Detilleux
2012 : Bon vouloir à Mons
2013 : 7 Février au 29 mars 2013. "Aux Ecuries" à Waterloo, 308 Chaussée de Bruxelles(1410)

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