v Colibris - Hummingbirds

The  Diana Beltran passionsare to recreate nature in detail but also to study relations between colors, movement and space. Tropical birds from largest to smallest are models. Create them in paper, eco-friendly sustainable is part of his convictions. But she does not create only birds, she also creates monumental geometric sculptures. We can only raving.

3 Colibris - hummingbirds

She use the paper as a main technique of his work, from which spring these more than realistic and beautiful birds sculptures based on his experience with nature and the discover of a new world in its real form. These new spaces externalized his point of view on some major events of the birds, and their environment in which I represent behaviors, forms, qualities and intentions. When she think in paper, she think in a document and how to document a reality, based in the observations and perceptions she have. Well, then she have the challenge to give a new signification to the documentation in his work, in which she choose that the words can be interpreted in new ways, and also think that if she can represent in an object all that words content and made it talk in a space poetry, Then she have a good reinterpretation. How she think she can talk with no words? If something contents magic poetry, it will manifest.

© Copyright : Diana Beltran Herrera 


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