v Contrebasse and bandoneon
aaa contrebasse bandoneon francoise amadieu acrylique cartonTitle: Contrebasse et bandonéon

Artist: Francoise Amadieu

Dimensions: 105 x 137 x 5 cm

Particularity : in relief work

Original technique: acrylic on corrugated resinated engraved, cut, folded and mounted on wood water-resistant and fire retardant work with anti-yellowing. Subject: Dance, Tango

Context of creation: It is by seeing the movie "The Tango Lesson" I had love at first sight. I had vague memories of a musical on the theme of the tango that I had seen at Chatelet there is more than fifteen years, I loved this dance any voltage controlled, fluid and proud when man asserts his masculinity and femininity of women. The film brought me over this fascinating mystery, which is a dance for two a work of art.
Destination, targeted goals: I wanted to recreate that atmosphere and the material has helped me by putting volume in the creation

Copyright : Françoise Amadieu
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