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Jun Mitani portraitJun Mitani is an associate professor at the Tsukuba University in Japan; his favourite areas are the geometry, computers and infographics. Its artistic spirit led him to produce very original origami using his computer knowledge.
"I am specialized in the field of computer graphics and geometric modelling, once the geometric principles of origami are defined, it is so easy for me to develop computer programs to make origami"
Since childhood, he is a fan of origami (artistic object obtained by folding a single sheet of paper without cutting or gluing) and origata (traditional Japanese gift wrapping). During this period he produced many paper objects by folding, by cutting and gluing. Then he discovered the computer with enthusiasm, and finally at the university he married his two passions paper and computer.

His doctoral thesis was: "A method for designing paper models with a computer." It has thus developed software based on various models of folds, to generate sophisticated and artistic origami.
Then a plotter table cutting and scoring the paper in order to manually erect the origami as you can get the model originally thought.
His technique can be adapted and applied to many materials and industries. He has collaborated with Issey Miyake. Clothing designed during this period are no longer stitched but folded and maintained by pressure or other buttons system.
The works of Jun Mitani are at the confluence of the technique (science) and the art.
They probably open new artistic paths, new way of the paper expression.

It offers free plans of many of his creations:

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