v Valmigot

quillThe Artist

portrait valmigotPainter in the wake of the new narrative figuration, skillfully wielding oil, acrylic, inks and resins, VALMIGOT made fun and impactful contemporary tales with a desire for transmission and sharing of our common history.
Wrought recycled paper in volume as the common denominator, canvas, metal, wood, jeans, skirts as a singular pictorial expression, are the plastic alchemy of the artist.
VALMIGOT makes uncompromising artwork of great originality in which the materials are subtly diverted, thus sealing the culmination of a passion with an engaged look that overcomes any framework.

Since his first exhibition at the gallery Eleven & Demi Noumea, through the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Montmartre, Marais and Geneva, to the Grand Palais as part of "Art Capital", VALMIGOT takes and challenges us through its humanistic expression.

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