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11月 18, 2015

Olivier Catte

Olivier CATTÉBorn in 1957 in Petit Quevilly, Olivier Catté lives and works in Rouen.He went…
2月 24, 2016

Eric Standley

Eric Standley is associate professor at the School of Visual Arts in Architecture and Urbanism…
4月 27, 2013

Raffaella Zavalloni

Raffaella Zavalloni was born in 1956 in Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy. She lives and works…
1月 20, 2018

Elena Iacopino

My name is Elena Iacopino. I was born in Reggio Calabria I attended the University…
4月 27, 2013

Chickens at heart eggs par Vibeke Hoffmann

.Technique et matériaux utilisés:Papier kraft et carton ondulé coupé sur traceur, puis les couches sont…
11月 16, 2015

Gerald Pestmal

An artist at the legendary modesty, creativity, and inventiveness without limits..Nature is for him the…
3月 20, 2018

Michel Gautier

. Michel Gautier est un sculpteur plasticien cosmique, poète et philosophe. D'origine française il est…
2月 24, 2016


Many contemporary artists use paper or board to express their art.This file includes one or…
4月 27, 2013

Diana Beltran Herrera

Diana Beltran Herrerais a Colombian artist who hands perfectly different techniques and disciplines: she paint,…
4月 27, 2013

"I want to recycle" par Mark Langan

.Le titre de ce tableau est "I Want to recycle"J'ai créé cette œuvre en m’inspirant…
2月 24, 2016

Isabeau d’Abzac

Isabeau d’Abzac, the news paper writer Chantal Lyard, told to Isabeau: "My paper ladies do…
4月 27, 2013

Alain Guezennec

Alain Guezennec was born in 1948 near Paris. He has spent his entire career in…
4月 27, 2013

Contrebasse et bandoneon de Françoise Amadieu

.Titre : Contrebasse et bandonéonArtiste : Françoise AmadieuDimensions : 105 x 137x 5cmParticularité : oeuvre…
4月 27, 2013

Debons and Parsy

These two visual artists seek to arouse the curiosity and surprise through the objects they…
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