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United Kingdom
Cardboard Sculptures & crafts to touch and interact with.
Kraft paper is painted and folded, twisted, flattened, pasted, and at the end braided.
More on Paper Art Gallery: Odon
Cardboard objects and sculptures inspirated by mangas and movies.
Digital Papercut Illustrations minimal and
well-advised, working closely with forms of shapes, lights
 and shadows.
Website: ploom tv
Cardboard Sci-fi Sculptures : Robots and others Steampunks objects, architecture and mechanical shapes.
Website: Gregolijnyk
Hyper-realistic hand-crafted paper objects for photographic and animated advertising campaigns.
Website: ollanski com
United States
Cast Cardboard Sculptures, using strips of cardboard incinerated to melt bronze.
United Kingdom
Transforming worn pages of altered books into sculptures, creating her own fairy tale-inspired stories by drawing, painting, and cutting mysterious landscapes.
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Conjuring, sublimating, de-dramatizing, taming death

Conjuring, sublimating, de-dramatizing, taming death

Soon on November 1 and 2, and on these dates all over the world, strange cults, festivals and traditions come back. Two artists present in our site Paper Art  ...

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Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya

Yuken TERUYA transforms everyday life objects into artworks by diverting them from their primary purpose. He wants to participate in promoting a sustainable ec ...

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Artists and artWorks present on this site

Artists and artWorks present on this site

Many artists use paper or cardboard to express the full range of their art or highlight particular aspects of their art. Some artists only use paper for p ...

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