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    Pachwork oeuvres

    Many artists use paper or cardboard to express the full range of their art or highlight particular aspects of their art.

    Some artists only use paper for part of their work. In this site we will show all their explorations, researches, evolutions, which represent the richness of their know-how and their expression.

    In these "artist portraits", a few files include only a brief panegyric description of the artist and one or two photos of their work found on the web.
    We would be pleased if these artists could be present in a more significant way by a more complete presentation and by a real gallery containing significant works representing all their works, including those that do not include paper or cardboard, to show the scope of their art and creativity.

    We invite them to contact us by email or the CONTACT form.

  • Asya Kozina

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    Asya KozinaAsya Kozina lives and works in St. Petersburg, is a visual artist who creates sculptures from paper sheets. His themes are mythological, historical, folklorical, traditional: the horse, the wigs, the dresses, the Mongolian and Shamanic culture...
    She unbridled creativity amazes and marvel us.
  • Bernard lagneau

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    25b Portrait B LANGNEAUBernard Lagneau was born March 27, 1937 in Courbevoie (92).
    He lived and worked in Paris until 1992.
    Since he lives in the department of Drôme on the South Est of France.
    Student at the Estienne School in 1950-1955, until 1969 he work than model maker of books and journals.
    From 1970 he began work mechanization of various "places" (a hundred to date) in France and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic). He also built several fugitive architectures.
  • Eric Standley

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    portraitEric Standley is associate professor at the School of Visual Arts in Architecture and Urbanism College at Virginia Tech.
    His work is amazing. His drawings are first made vectorially and are inspired by Gothic monuments of Oriental ornamentation. He is a pioneer in this technique: drawing and cutting layer by layer. The superposition of these layers allows to play with colors and shapes, giving in addition a more interesting slight 3D effect.
  • Isabeau d Abzac

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    portraitIsabeau d’Abzac, the news paper writer Chantal Lyard, told to Isabeau: "My paper ladies do not dance, they walk. If they grew in beauty, it is because they believe that their duty is to always excel. A weightless dream, a almost flew body, where all ugliness disappears... These women are great to protect the world and remove the pain of the days. "

  • Laurent Jourquin

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    Laurent Jourquin
    Laurent Jourquin portrait 1 Artist graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels
    He used paper and cardboard for a long period of his artistic life.
    In this period his monumental sculptures are mostly iconoclastic and give a sense of the futility of things.
    He cultivates a certain decline bordering on cynicism about things and events. Spiderman, Michael Jackson, the banker, political figures, everything goes.
  • Nahoko Kojima

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    Nahoko Kojima portrait 2 Nahoko Kojima, practice an ancient Japanese art of cutting paper "Kirigami".
    His artworks are impressive. Some are even in 3D (by volume), it adds to our amazement. The fineness of the grounds demonstrating the dexterity and sensitivity of the artist. He emerges from his works seemingly contradictory qualities: strength, fragility and poetry. Unlike some other forms of cut-outs such traditional art Switzerland, there is no reason to repeat in his works.
  • ODON

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    PortraitGuy Houdouin aka ODON is an artist with two lives.
    He lived at Le Mans, Brussels, and Paris. He traveled around the world to immerse themselves in different cultures. He met and often collaborated with the biggest contemporary pictorial creation names, among others: Alechinski Pierre, Jean Messagier, Arman, Jean Bazaine, Alfred Manessier, François Morellet, Pierre Soulages, Zao Wou Ki...
    It was named Chevalier in 2007, in the Order of French Arts and Letters.
    In a former life he was a professor of plastic arts and painter.
    In his artworks the characters were already connected by thread or bands of colors.
    He painted complex figures on canvas and paper mounted, expressionistic, trapped in the tracery, ropes, rings, ribbons, little by little, on the canvas, began to cross.
    At these tortured artworks have succeeded in the second half of the 1970s, the first braids.
    Following an accident in his life he became in 1997 to are ODON: anagram of "nodo" knot tracery in Italian. I was looking for to simplify Houdoin. In 1997, a Norman friend tells me of the Odon river running through Caen and I feel very Norman! It also happens that I also greatly admire Odon of Cluny, the second Abbot of Cluny. Moreover, Odon is already in Houdouin and this new name is formed with round letters. Now I only creates circles... "
    His art is moving at the same time to weave the paper: paper for its availability, and for its plastics and tactile qualities.
    Kraft paper is painted and folded, twisted, flattened, pasted, and at the end braided.
    Weaving represents well the complexity of our world and life.
    The flexibility and plasticity of the paper related to the infinite possibilities of the types of weaves.
    ODON offer a way to produce artworks of the most surprising and diverse mode.
    He chose this way as the first braiding art by essence.
  • Yuken Teruya

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    Yuken Teruya  portraitYuken TERUYA transforms everyday life objects into artworks by diverting them from their primary purpose. He wants to participate in promoting a sustainable economy, respectful of nature and fight the weight that represents the globalization on the traditions and identities.

    Yuken Teruya was born in Okinawa and graduated in Fine Arts in New York in 2001.

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